How Far is Merrillville, Indiana From Other Cities?

Merrillville is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. If you're looking to find out how far it is from other cities, you've come to the right place. Let's say you have a private jet and can fly the fastest possible straight line between Chicago, Illinois and Merrillville, Indiana. Due to the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance is actually the distance of the larger circle, or how the crow flies, which is calculated using an iterative Vincenty formula.

These are approximate driving times in a radius from Merrillville, Indiana. Look for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway. There are a lot of towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer spots, try a smaller radius, such as 1 hour and a half. If you're willing to drive further, try 2 and a half hours.

Distance between cities › United States › Indiana › Merrillville, IN › Distance from Merrillville to Indianapolis. Star Plaza Theater (formerly known as Holiday Star Theater) is a live music venue located in Merrillville, Indiana.If you're looking for more information on how far Merrillville is from other cities in Indiana or even other states, there are plenty of resources available online. You can use Google Maps to get an estimate of the distance between two cities. You can also use websites like MapQuest or Roadtrippers to get more detailed information about the route and estimated travel time.If you're looking for more information on what to do in Merrillville or nearby cities, there are plenty of attractions and activities available.

From shopping and dining to outdoor activities like hiking and biking trails, there's something for everyone. You can also check out Star Plaza Theater for live music performances.No matter what your plans are for visiting Merrillville or nearby cities, it's important to know how far away they are from each other. With the help of online resources and tools like Google Maps and MapQuest, you can easily find out how far away Merrillville is from other cities.

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