Discover the Safest Cities in Indiana

Indiana is a great place to live and visit, with plenty of attractions and activities to captivate visitors of all ages. But if you're looking for a safe place to settle down with your family, you'll want to know which cities in the Hoosier State have the lowest crime rates. Zionsville tops the list of safest cities in Indiana, followed by St. John, Auburn, Fishers, and West Lafayette.

Located in the southeastern area of Boone County, Zionsville is a city of more than 27,000 people and is just 20 miles from Indianapolis. With a high median income, low poverty and the third-best crime rate in the state, Zionsville earns top marks for livability and family friendliness. A short 11-minute drive southeast of Dyer will take you to St. John, the fourth safest city in Indiana.

The rural community offers visitors easy access to Indiana Dunes National Park and a variety of activities such as hiking, biking and water sports. Despite its low median income and high poverty rate, Auburn has become one of the safest communities in the state due to a continuing trend of declining violence and property crime.Another suburb of Indianapolis, Fishers, is located 7 miles east of Carmel in Hamilton County. With incredible schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and the lowest poverty rate on this list, Fishers is one of the best places to raise a family.At first glance, West Lafayette's income and poverty figures can be confusing, especially in the context of this list. But once you factor in the student population in the sister city of Lafayette, the rates are by no means extraordinary.

West Lafayette is home to Purdue University, and with much of its population attending school, the poverty rate is amplified in an area that would otherwise have a much lower rate.The safest big city in Indiana was Carmel. This city is a suburb of Indianapolis, located north of the city. The city has a well-to-do and highly educated population, with very high levels of middle income. In addition, the city stands out for its numerous roundabouts, which it uses instead of traffic signs.The city is also home to offices for several major insurance and financial services companies.

Although it has a slightly lower median income and a higher poverty rate than its neighbors, Westfield continues to maintain the tradition of low crime in the region.Hagerstown, a small community of approximately 1,700 residents in Wayne County, has the lowest rate of property crimes in Indiana, just over two incidents per 1,000 residents. This southern Indiana city has approximately 800 inhabitants and is home to one of the most interesting attractions in Hoosier State's Marengo Cave.Indiana maintains a low profile when it comes to crime rates compared to other states across America. However, some select cities in the state really distinguished themselves by their top-notch safety records. Zionsville had the second lowest rate in the state despite being home to nearly 28,000 people.

South Bend is another safe city located on Indiana's northern border with Michigan. It's an economic and population center with low crime rates compared to other cities in the state. While the risk remains low in most areas of Indiana, you should stay alert and protected to prevent violent crime from happening to you. Starting with this list of the safest cities in Indiana can help you find convenience and peace of mind when looking for your next family home.

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