What is merrillville indiana close to?

The distance from Merrillville to the nearest town Crown Point is 5.6 miles, or 9 kilometers away. The nearest city of New Chicago is 8.4 miles, or 13.4 kilometers away. These are approximate driving times in a radius from Merrillville, Indiana. Look for vacation spots within driving distance for a day trip or weekend getaway There are a lot of cities within the total area, so if you're looking for closer spots, try a smaller radius.

If you're willing to drive further, try an hour and a half. Keep in mind that these cities are closer to your specified 30-mile radius. You can change to larger cities within a 30-mile radius (even if they are closer) or look for places to eat. Not sure where to go? Take a day trip from Merrillville, or if you have more time, you can explore weekend trips from Merrillville, but be sure to also check the road conditions around Merrillville.

Looking for small towns or communities around Merrillville, Indiana? Get a full list of up to 500 cities near Merrillville.

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