What's in merrillville indiana?

Merrillville is a city in Lake County, Indiana, United States. Merrillville is located in east-central Lake County, in the Chicago metropolitan area. Bar Louie is the exclusive grill chain to visit if you're really craving incredible American fare and martinis. You'll always find lots of happy hour deals here to keep you really happy.

The chain was founded in 1990 and has been serving incredible cocktails and classic bar food ever since. You'll find a wide range and variety of beers, food and cocktails. The martinis are handmade and you can't miss them. Come here with your friends for an unforgettable experience.

Looking for a place to shop until you run out of money? Southlake Mall in Merrillville is the perfect place to visit when you're bitten by the shopping bug. The mall has shopping, dining and entertainment options for the whole family. The mall is spread over 2 levels and has around 160 stores, from H&M and Forever21 to Dick's. Watch your favorite movie, watch the latest fashion trends, or just share a meal with a friend.

Whatever you want to do, you'll love doing it here. After a hard week, there's nothing better than a night of fun and relaxation. What better way to relax stiff muscles than by playing a few games of bowling? Merrillville's Stardust Bowl 2 lets you do that and more. This is the place to visit with your children, friends and family.

Whether you're looking for a casual night out or are in the mood for serious competition, come here and have the night of your life. There are plenty of joyful experiences to look forward to on a trip to Merrillville, as several merchants have gathered in its great Northwest Indiana location. With other Lake County destinations just a short drive from Merrillville, a visit to this city can already offer all the best Indiana has to offer.

Josephine Halder
Josephine Halder

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